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The UFO Knife

05, Dec 2017


Criminals use it as a threat, Gordon Ramsay uses it to cut through a steak. Knives can be used in any way you can imagine using.

Heard of a knife that is made with meteor? It’s called the ‘Damascus Steel’.

This innovation with outer space product is from the American bladesmith, Bob Kramer. He is 1 out of 122 master of his field that forges steel into kitchen knives.

Every knife is hand crafted, single-handedly by Bob from welding to sharpening to making the specific handle grip.

Look at this work of art. The time and effort he puts into, makes money well spent.

The carving knife cuts through your roasted beef tenderloin like butter.

Hang Tuah might win the battle in Melaka if he used this keris!

HOWEVER, these Damascus steel knives are all only available through auctions. Resellers will defintely hike up the price.

If you're the executive chef or a passionate knife collector, then I don't see why not?!

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