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Chinese Model Is The New Hollywood Superstar

06, Dec 2017


Let’s face it, if you want to become a princess, you think of Disney’s, because that’s what every girl wants to be. What if you don’t want to be a princess, you want fight like a boy?

You be Mulan.

If you don’t know who’s that, Mulan is a girl who wants to fight in the war of Chinese dynasty, where they rode on horses with a spear to stab. It looks even cooler when you’re the only lady fighting men in a battlefield.

Isn’t that what every modern female wants to be. To protect and fend for others and themselves.

Today, Hollywood wants to remake the 1998 cartoon, from the already-good animation to mindblowing CGI. It’s like Transformers cartoons getting made by Michael Bay.

Those days are over, now that Hollywood decides to cast the beautiful Liu Yi Fei as the badass fighter.

Some little known facts, Ms. Liu speaks fluent English, lived in New York and acted in a Nicholas Cage movie. Now that settles the fact that she fits the Mulan bill.

If you’re still doubtful, your girl from China worked with Jackie Chan in a kung-fu movie before. She kicks butt and Jackie Chan must have taught her how.

One last thing to address, who will be, or more concise, what will be her talking red dragon sidekick? Hopefully a dog in green suit.

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