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Crisis On Earth-X Crossover Review

06, Dec 2017


If you thought Justice League didn’t live up to its hype, there’s a better DC movie on the small screen. It’s a DC crossover with the running series of Wonder Girl, The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. All 4 were combined into the 3-hour movie, Crisis on Earth-X.

Barry Allen, a.k.a The Flash is getting married with his fiancé, Iris West. The couple invited Superman’s cousin- Supergirl, Oliver Queen and the Legends to come to town.

Short Synopsis

When the ceremony was ongoing, out of nowhere Nazi’s from Earth-X decided to crash their wedding because they wanted to invade Earth. Poland is much better to start with, if you ask me.

The heroes lost a fight with them and was hero-napped to Earth-X, while the Nazi’s wanted Supergirl’s heart and the heroes tried to stop them but couldn’t because they have Overgirl. Over at Earth-X, a power couple helped them to get home and also stop the Nazi’s from taking over Earth. They came through the last battle and World War III ended there and then. Barry and Iris finally got married! Hooray…

Best moments

  1. The excitement came mainly from the fact that every heroes from the series were brought together. It was like a moment of Power Rangers had found a new member. Ahhh good memories.

  1. The bad guys are way, way better than the overconfident Steppenwolf. Sorry to break it to you, Superman wasn’t here. The villains are close to beating the strength of Supergirl, the accuracy of Arrow and the speed of Flash, but didn’t do so because of their fellow Earthlings, not the almighty Kryptonian.

  1. The Legends’ subplot makes your 3-hour long movie worthwhile. The Firestorm’s story had a strong build up to it and the flirty-flirty White Canary and Supergirl’s sister nailed their short love story.

Worst moments

  1. Some really cringey scenes made myself turned away. It’s not only bad acting, but the shots need some fine tuning. One thing I noticed is that TVB actors are way better at crying than the Americans. They can’t really force it out, no matter how hard they tried.

  1. The CGI effect, at one point, was worse than Henry Cavill’s covered moustache in Justice League. I can’t tell his stache was covered until someone pointed it out, but here, you close two eyes, your ears also can hear it was computer made.

RATINGS: 7/10 (Good build up, character developments, stunts are very convincing.)

*Spilt the movie into 2 parts, 2 episodes at a time.*

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