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The App That Doesn't Make You Bored

07, Dec 2017


Vine is making a comeback real soon, when its co-founder tweeted this.

I'm not the only one excited for it.

For those of you who have no idea what Vine is, it’s a platform for short videos, like 6 seconds short. It’s basically video memes. It’s not the concept of the platform that catches you though, it’s the community.

From cat videos, artsy craft to dance moves that went viral. The best ones are the creative contents by the people, also known as a ‘Viner’. What I’m trying to say is that these low-budget homemade videos are original, fun, entertaining and creative.

Enough talk.

A dancing sea otter

Replying customer service

Peanut butter baby spread

How to fight a ninja with a yoga ball

Cool egg animation

And the most empowering video on the Internet.

Vine is going to be released 2018, next year. You could also download Vine Camera that shoots 6 seconds video, but doesn't do anything else.

We will definitely keep you updated here. Stay tuned!

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