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The 6 Trendiest Items That Everyone Has To Own In 2017

29, Dec 2017


You’re walking in the streets or the shopping mall. What’s the most common type of fashion you will see, every hour, every day?

Here are the most common material items you will see every day in Kuala Lumpur


Longchamp is not quite 2017 but has been the staple, go-to handbag. Young or old, ladies will have one hanging on their arms with the zip wide open.


It’s an unescapable trend worldwide and Malaysia has not been excluded. Sneakers tags along a sense of status in the society, and NMD is the entry level of every sneaker enthusiast.


Can’t say a lot about Birkenstock. It’s nice, but when you accidentally step on it horizontally, it hurts as much as stepping on a nail temporarily. It’s a good investment nonetheless.


The most basic in every modern society. Back then it was a BlackBerry or a Sony Ericsson Walkman phone. Now on the hands of everyone with a cable connecting from an unzipped bag.

Daniel Wellington

Don’t go out without one. DW is simple yet elegant, and that is how it got the attention of every boys and girls.


It’s your birthday and the least people is expecting is opening the present to be a Pandora gift box with a bracelet and charms in it. Sit down and observe your friends that has it. It’s a modern day elegant dog tag.

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