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The Trends That Should Stay In 2017

01, Jan 2018



Pointing one arm the other side while the face hides at the armpit area. What’s smelling good there, kids?! The dab move went viral all over the world on the field of Old Trafford to group photos with everyone dabbing on Instagram. It got annoyingly out of hand, no pun intended.

Fidget spinner

I didn’t know what the function of that thing was. Apparently it helps with some sort of disorder, but it’s another global craze that the people of 2017 does. So it’s cool to just hold that thing and walk around in KL? Rubik’s cube was a much better sensation than this spinning metal that does nothing but a merry-go-round at your fingertip.

Salt Bae action

Yeah we get it, you salt bae your way to the dining table. Crack some black pepper for a change.

Water bottle flipping

Have to admit it, bottle flipping was so hard for the bottle to stay standing. It’s too hard for everyone and the word “trend” is meant to involve everyone, if possible, and that wasn’t possible for everyone. If you managed to make the bottle stand, I am happy for you.


Think the world is a circus now? I spotted some clowns and they were a******s. Only trying to incite fear, you wouldn’t even dare to get a Big Mac from McDonald’s anymore.

Goodbye headphone jack

Possibly the worst move from Apple. Tim Cook and gang just had to remove listening to music and charging at the same time a thing of the past. What’s wrong with that? And then being the market leader, everyone followed through with the “No Headphone Jack” trend.

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