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Save Money On Air Purifier, Use The Gift of Nature!

02, Jan 2018


Anything that is green must be good, right? Eating vegetable isn’t the only way that could help you. Keeping plants in your house can benefit your wellbeingin terms of physical and mental state.

Plants not only help filter the air but caring for the plants can reduce stress like Poison Ivy. Being surrounded by nature is important especially for those that live in a four wall high atop the sky.

Here are the common plants that you can surround yourself with.


Increases the humidity of the room. Moisture allows your skin to be hydrated, especially in an air-cond room.

It’s extremely easy to maintain as you don’t have to water it every day, but ensure that the soil is wet and it does not have to be directly under the sunlight.

Snake Plant

This is perfect for your bedroom as it releases oxygen at night. Also it does not have to be under the direct sunlight as well.

Aloe vera

This does no harm to you. Only good. It removes the bad stuff from the air and the flesh of the plant can be a layer of protection for your skin. Water the plan once every 3 weeks and you have to place it in a sunny location.

Bamboo plant

This comes as a common plant in most Chinese household because it is believed to bring luck. Change the water once a week and place indirectly from the sunlight.

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