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Don't Miss Out On These Places For When You Plan To Travel Alone, Ladies!

02, Jan 2018


2018 should be the year you invest in yourself. It’s the year of wellbeing and understanding of yourself, what better way of spending your money on yourself exploring the world.

Don’t be scared to go travel alone. There will be many different people you will come across with, although the people will not benefit you the rest of your life, but it is something to be grateful of, for when you learn about their culture and background.

You’ve always wanted to travel, but you’re a female and you don’t dare to go out because you’re alone and you’re a woman. Don’t be scared because you might enjoy the daring adventure you get yourself into.


Aside from language barrier, the Swiss are friendly mountaineers. They speak only French or German or Italian depending where you go, but their English are very limited.

They do more good than harm, maybe because major world organizations are located everywhere throughout Switzerland.

The land of cheese fondue is not a cheap place to travel because the cheapest meal you can get is a 8 Euro a-la-carte chicken kebab.

Mykonos, Greece

Located next to the Mediterranean Sea, Greece has the best beaches, one of 2017 trendiest Mediterranean meal plan, Greece is a place you must visit during the summer.

Just because the Greeks are going through a financial crisis, they heavily rely on tourism to offset the difficulties. That said, it’s going to expensive to travel there.

Aside from the expenses, it is a place for you to wander around and meet new people because in Greece, especially Mykonos, everywhere is Instagram worthy.

Porto, Portugal

Porto has 6 bridges that separate the old town and the new, it’s beautiful to look at the architecture that was designed by the same person who designed the Eiffel Tower.

The birth place of Nando’s is famous for its port wine, something stronger than rosé but lighter than table wine. Sip your way through while you explore street arts all across the city.

If you’re a fan of pastry and bread, you’re in luck because the carbs there are amazingly good that it made its way to Hong Kong and the straits of Melaka.

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Vietnam has been on everyone’s top place to travel to. Americans made Vietnamese cuisine famous through the immigrants to the US.

The city is relatively cheap, compared to KL. Food like banh mi, pho and Vietnamese drip coffee is a must try.

Ho Chi Minh is definitely a place worth visiting, considering the development the city is going through.

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