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Old (But Gold) Cities That You Must Visit!

02, Jan 2018


The structure of a city tells a lot about its history. The older it is, the more historical and precious it would be for UNESCO.

South East Asia is filled with rich culture and tradition that many haven’t change, for better or for worst.

These South East Asian ancient cities are close to where we live and we don’t have to spend with the high currency exchange in the back of our head.

Lopburi, Thailand

A city that is three hours away from the capital, Bangkok, it is the oldest city of Thailand. Lopburi is known for the strong habitation of monkeys, to the extent that there is a Monkey Temple to it.

Known as the City of Monkeys, it was one of the cities of the Angkor Empire, now known as Cambodia. It is a small city that could be toured for 2 days at most.

Angkor, Cambodia

Ancient cities of SEA cannot miss this one out. Boast to be one of the most popular temple in the world, Angkor Wat.

The famous temple gives you the feel of Indiana Jones entering the Temple of Doom and dining on monkey brain. It’s definitely a place to visit before you die.

Aside from the temple, the lake Tonle Sap makes the old infrastructure even more precious by beautifying the iconic place in Angkor.

Bagan, Myanmar

Over 10,000 pagodas, Buddhist temples and monasteries, these make Myanmar the unofficial pilgrimage site for Buddhists around the world.

All these religious sites not only serve as for the pilgrims, but tourists as well. It maintains the culture and tradition well as there is not many Western influences upon the ancient city.

However, a recent earthquake in Bagan has left many of the sites destroyed.

Hoi An, Vietnam

It was one of the main hub for traders back then because of the Thu Bon River, where the Europeans and the Chinese trades go through the ancient city.

There is only 120,000 people living in Hoi An and it is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. As for now, it really is a place for people who wants to get the feeling of living in the past of the barter system.

Luang Prabang, Laos

With the well-preserved sites, the name of the city translates to be “The Royal Buddha image”.

Dating back to the start of time, many influences have settled on this city, the strongest to be the French.

Malacca, Malaysia

No way a list of ancient city can miss out on Melaka. It was one of the busiest international trading hub thanks to the strategic straits of Melaka.

Portuguese, Dutch, French have all colonized Melaka, and now it is multicultural with all sorts of fusion cuisine in the town.

One of the tourist hub of Malaysia, the ancient city is also famous for the street food where many of the local rates their local cuisine highly.

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