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The Director of Explosions, Stunts and Robots In Disguise

03, Jan 2018


Explosions, epic slow motion action cuts. That is what makes Michael Bay so appealing to the public for his blockbuster movies.

The cinematography lets people feel the dynamic of the screen and being in the dark cinema with surround sounds, just compliments it.

Bay has been making movies during the 90’s and 20 years later, movies like Bad Boys and Armageddon are still hanging in the mouth of people.

His filming technique, the movement, the composition of every frames create the sense of epicness for the audience, that’s why his movies are never boring.

Just because it’s not boring doesn’t mean it’s bad. All his epic dynamic camera movement and fast editing offset the poor screenwriting and lazy plot development.

The very first Transformers was ahead of its time. It was exciting and truly a movie to enjoy in the cinema, because that was the first time where cartoon series are transformed into action sequel.

Turn it back to 2017, Transformers: The Last Knight was not thrash, but everything is predictable and draggy, adding more of the Bay style into it.

Ninja Turtles. The first movie was good and the second wasn’t. Think it’s because of the fixated mindset of the first movie setting the bar too high for the sequel to work. And audience expect nothing less than good.

Project Almanac had a good trailer and that is what got me to watching. The story was a major disappointment adding too much Bay style into it.

It made my head spinning because I didn’t know what it was all about the whole time. The movie was everywhere.

Like it or not, we enjoy Bay’s film because of the epic proportion and stunts put on screen to entertain the audience, and that itself is enough to shadow the plot of the movie.

Nonetheless, Michael Bay is good at what he does. And what he does is, to let us know how big the world is, with movies.

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