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American Idol Winner Had 40 Stitches On Her Face After Fall

03, Jan 2018


Carrie Underwood was an American Idol winner, you know the show where Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Susan Abdullah were the judges? Quite a big thing in America.

Underwood is a country singer and she has had a lot of success through her music, winning 3 Grammy Awards on her way. Grammy Awards is like the Oscars Award, but for music.

She had injured herself falling from the stairs recently and broken her wrist. But little did the public know, she had been put with “between 40-50 stitches” on her face. HER FACE!

The face, as we all know, is the most special and important tool for a celebrity to present themselves out there and also a representation of themselves as a celebrity.

Although she had badly damaged her face, Underwood is still active on social media platform as when she posted a photo of herself with a scarf to cover her injury.

Despite her injury, Underwood persists to go on to work for a new album while recovering from the accident.

Underwood’s last album was back in 2015 with the title named, “Storyteller”

Give her your support even if you don’t know her.

Get well soon, Carrie!

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