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Huawei Is The Trendsetter of 2018 

04, Jan 2018


2017 was all about the dual camera mode in addition of the portrait mode feature when Apple first came up with the concept on the iPhone 7+. Many phones soon followed the market leader and Huawei is like any other of its competitor.

4 days into 2018 and Huawei decided not to follow the trend anymore and be the setter of trend.

This comes as the leak on Chinese social media platform, Weibo, showed the latest design for the Huawei P20, P20 + and P20 Pro where all 3 models will have a triplet of camera.

The leak should not come as a surprise as many phone manufacturers, even Google had done the same with the Pixel 2, and so this gives consumer a sense of expectation.

The P20 places the camera set at the conventional area, while the P20+ is placed vertically on the left side of the phone, similar to the iPhone X.

While the Mate 10 already has a good camera, partnering with Leica, we all can expect Huawei to continue their partnership.

All 3 models will be fitted in with 6GB of RAM and at least 64 GB of internal storage, with the latest flagship expected to be released this coming few months.

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