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Want More Gula Malacca Infused Desserts? Here You Go!

05, Jan 2018


Finally, it has come to Friday, this means that weekend is almost here! It is time for us to enjoy some good desserts with friends and family. 

Are you a fan of Gula Melaka? Gula Melaka is also known as palm sugar or Malacca sugar, as it is originated in the state of Malacca. 

We shortlisted 5 Gula Malacca infused desserts that you must try on this coming weekend (or even weekdays!). 

The Hyacinth Cafe

We are totally attracted by the mouthwatering looking desserts from this cafe. What's even more special is that there are many other different sweets and savory available at the counter every day. From rose pistachio cake, green tea strawberry cake, salmon tom yum quiche and baked pasta, we are sure that you will be satisfied with The Hyacinth Cafe. 

Rekindle Cafe

Take a look at the tempting Pandan Salted Gula Melaka cake! It is one of the best Malacca sugar infused cakes that we can't resist to eat just one bite! With the shredded coconut flakes on top of the cake, it literally tastes even better.

The Daily Fix Cafe

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Located in the heart of Jonker Street, Malacca, The Daily Fix Cafe is the cafe that you must visit when you visit Malacca. Here is the reason behind: Gula Melaka Pancakes! The pancake is infused with pandan flavor while there is gula Melaka on the side for you to pair it together. It will definitely be a delicious combination.

Robata Monkey

Fan of Japanese desserts with a twist of local flavors, you need to visit Robata Monkey for their desserts. This is the Japanese hot spot that offers a refreshing resemble of green tea ice cream, mochi, azuki beans and gula Melaka. 

Is your stomach calling for these desserts already? We really do feel like eating all of the desserts now!

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