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The Museum of Ice Cream That Sparkles Your Creativity

05, Jan 2018


Gelato, sundaes, banana boat all under one roof. Did you know that there’s a chain of museum that opens solely dedicate to ice cream?

The Museum of Ice Cream is based in 3 different location, that is in Los Angeles, San Francisco and also Miami.

It is said that the so-called museum is not towards exhibiting the history and understanding of ice cream but more for people to take pictures because of its colourful interior.

A pool of sprinkles, pink walls with protruding ice cream cones, oversized gummy bears you can’t eat, this museum (more of a gallery) wants to “bring people together and provoke imagination”.

With room filled with giant popsicle sculptures looking like they’re melting into the wall, the people behind this ice cream wonderland is to make “ideas into real life experiences”

Museum of Ice Cream is built by Maryellis Bunn, who loves ice cream so much that she wished the sea could be filled with sprinkles and a guy who have spent most of his time in Wall Street as an investment banker, Manish Vora. (also the guy behind Light Box)

Bunn (left) Vora (right)

Entrance fee to the Museum is 38 USD (roughly RM 150) and tickets were all sold out, leaving 200,000 people on the waiting list. Even celebrities have to be in line.

Mr Robot protagonist, Rami Malik.

Though there was minor haphazard that the sprinkles from the art gallery have been flying around the area and have been fined twice because of it.  

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