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Visit Disneyland In The World Is Our Wishlist Since Young Age! Are You The One Too?

05, Jan 2018


As Walt Disney Attractions is the world's top 1 theme park group, we know that everyone is looking forward to visiting all of the Walt Disney Attractions someday!

Do you know which Disneyland is the biggest? With 47 square miles of land or about 30,000 acres, The Walt Disney World Resort Orlando is totally huge! 

However, we think the other Disneyland is very pretty and attractive too. We can spend our whole day in the theme park. 

1. Tokyo Disneyland

2. Disneyland California

3. Shanghai Disneyland

4. Hong Kong Disneyland

5. Disneyland Paris

While the best Disney park to visit is Magic Kingdown 2, Epcot 4, Disney's Hollywood Studios 1 and the Animal Kingdom 2. 

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