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Celebrity Is A Part Time Grab Driver

08, Jan 2018


If you think making a living off driving Grab in a lowly thing to do in life, then you better think again.

A celebrity past his prime is working for Grab, driving around the streets of Singapore.

Yes, Singapore, where the egos of most are higher than Marina Bay’s Sands. Hady Mirza is a winner of the Singapore Idol.

This goes to show that it’s better to do something, rather than doing nothing.

Something to look up to is that Mirza is a motivator for a youth group and has a business of selling tempeh snacks.

Maybe singing is just one of his passion and he couldn’t make a proper living out of it. From what I see, it’s just the face that we’re afraid of showing.

Embrace the fact that we’re no longer under the spotlight and make a living just like everyone else, hustling with life.

Side note, Mirza is married to Nurjannah Nur Wahid, a Malaysian, back in 2014.

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