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Lana Del Rey Is Being Sued By Radiohead

08, Jan 2018


Lana Del Rey is being sued by Radiohead for ripping off “Creep” in her song called “Get Free”.

Before we go into details, Lana has been nothing but remarkable. If you’re going through a breakup, I would recommend her songs at the rate of 80%.

Elizabeth Grant, her real name, has been getting a lot of attention, following the release of her latest album, “Lust For Life”.

If you don’t know who Radiohead is, they are a British rock band that were formed in 1985 and had released the song “Creep” that was (still is) a worldwide hit.

It came to light when Radiohead is suing the singer to not credit the songwriting of “Creep” and alleges Lana to be a thief.

Lana, at first, denied rumors of any possible lawsuit, but she soon tweeted that she will be going up against Radiohead in court.

Let’s back it up a little. The original “Creep” faced a lawsuit for it to be sounding like “The Air That I Breathe”, and this song had been credited into the writing credits of “Creep”.

Now that Radiohead wants to sue Lana Del Rey for doing the same thing as they did back then, wouldn’t it be a bit hypocritical here?

Lana had also tweeted that she had offered 40% of credit for the British rock band, but Radiohead is playing the hard ball by wanting 100% of the song, and wouldn’t settle for anything less.

Looking back at precedent, Radiohead should do the exact same thing like how they had been through, but the fact that Lana had offered 40% of the song, it’s basically an admission of guilt.

“Knowledge is built upon knowledge”. Creep sets the benchmark too high and in my defense, Lana did not blatantly rip Creep off. She added her own twist and tune to make the music similarly different.

It is no denying that the song does resembles a little to “Creep”, but shouldn’t that be the spirit of making music to be better?

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