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Take A Look, Actor Daniel Wu Unveils Hidden Talent In Reality Show, find it out NOW!

09, Jan 2018


Daniel Wu is a well-known actor we all knew in the appearance of uncountable Hong Kong movies. Apart from that, he is also a director and producer. However, we bet you didn't know that Daniel Wu is an architect too. 

In a recent Chinese reality show Dream House, he unveiled his hidden talent where he travelled to different parts of the country to give makeovers to aged buildings. 

Apart from this, he is also leading the team (few actors) in the reality show to help out in the projects. 

As we all see in the show, Daniel is putting a lot of effort in everything, from conception to completion. 

The greatest thing of all, one of his projects - Mulan Weichang Visitor Centre, featured in the show recently received a nomination in the Royal Institute of British Architects' International Prize 2018, the equivalent of 'Oscars' in the architecture world. 

The visitor centre is located near scenic Inner Mongolia and was inspired by the tends traditionally used by the nomads. 

Daniel was graduated from University of Oregon's College of Design in 1997 with a bachelor's degree in architecture. 

Will he go back to being a designer?

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