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"National Geographic Logo" Enlarged And Built In Dubai

09, Jan 2018


The United Arab Emirates is built on oil. The country is heavily reliant on oil exports that a third of their GDP is based on it. However, with the rate of the world is using oil, prices are falling and dinosaur fossils will soon run out.

The Middle Eastern country wants to move away from their reliance and have started to diversify their output and one of it is tourism.

The country boasts not only fast cars and exotic animals seen on Instagram. The birthplace of Islam has infrastructure beyond the atmosphere, the Burj Khalifa.

The dessert country has seen many modern architectures on the rise, like the twisting skyscraper of the Cayan Tower, the pyramid-shaped Raffles hotel and the solar-powered Ziggurat Pyramid that is under construction.

One thing in common that could be seen of these modern architecture is to attract tourist and most of it is either hotels or shopping malls for business or leisure travelers.

If you think the world’s most expensive picture frame is in France framing the art of Mona Lisa in Paris, then you’re wrong, because the Emiratis just finished building one, and it’s called the Dubai Frame.

The building is literally like a frame that can see through the skyline of Dubai and the picture is depending the angle you are looking from.

From the top of the frame, you could check out the entire landscape of Dubai and from below, the view within the frame is the picture.

The largest frame of the world stands at 500 feet tall, a few meters shorter than the ghosted tower of the Dayabumi complex, it is gold plated to give the infrastructure the posh status for the country that sponsors multiple high-end football clubs.

Aside from a museum in the building, it gives the oil country a more artistic feel to it and wants the people from around the world to know about their past from a lowly deserted place to a thriving metropolis.

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