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Mattress? Sofa? Cushion? Yes, All In One Design

09, Jan 2018


Cotton balls, mattress, sofa, anything you can do to sit and sleep on. This sofa is something more like a bean bag, but with greater use to it.

This thing is called The Daydreamer, where the designer of it is inspired by her childhood imagination of people lying on clouds.

The fluff ball gathered together can make it into any shape and form, for it to be flexible and re-arrangeable.

Cheng-Tsung Feng is inspired by the dreams of kids “flying above a cloud”, the closest one to visualize this is in Dragonball.

Feng is also known for her other unconventional works like the Fish Trap House, which lets a person to meditate from within.

She sources all her creative ideas from traditions, and that the materials used are often bamboo, like the hanging lamp she designed.

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