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Sneakers Not To Be Worn, But Just For See

09, Jan 2018


Sneaker symbolizes status in our society now, in Malaysia, for the least to say. One pair of Adidas alphabound seen in Bangsar Village or a pair of the Reebok instapump on the streets of Bukit Bintang.

Sneakers are cool, but you haven’t seen paper sneakers yet. It is not known that the Japanese Nike gives out complimentary paper craft kits of Sneakers to the customers.

You know, where there is dotted lines on where to cut and how to stitch every part together to make a lightweight model?

An illustrator from the UK, David Brownings brought this to another level by designing, drawing, cutting and trimming the paper sneaker all from scratch.

He could be doing this out of the love for sneakers or think it’s super cool to decorate his room with sneakers so that he can wear the real ones he bought.

This takes finesse and patience to curate such fine art and it’s similar, minus the edges and corners of the origami… This is clearly not fashion, but function!

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