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These Is Not Your Ordinary Shipping Container, Here's Why!

09, Jan 2018


Let's be honest, do you think shipping container is useful? If you think the old shipping container is what it suppose to be, then you are wrong. 

The old shipping container is no longer what it used to be anymore as there are a lot of creative design involved shipping container. In recent years, you can see that there are a lot of containers being converted for all manner of uses and purposes that you can think of. 

Do you know that there is actually a Port Shipping Containers which is helping to transform the containers into different needs?

There are a lot of successful amazing examples that this company has created, and you will be amazed by this jaw-dropping conversions

Here are 5 amazing designs:

Portable Swimming Pool

The School Locker Store

Portable Cafe

Fire Training Unit

Decompression Chamber

We would like to see more creative ways of using shipping containers, what about you?

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