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Tell Tale: The Disaster Artist

10, Jan 2018


The second best brothers to have taken Hollywood by storm is the Franco Brothers, after the Coen Brothers. James Franco and Dave Franco finally made a movie together!

Just in case you haven’t known about either James or Dave, James is famous for his role of Harry Osbourne in Spiderman or the Academy Award winning movie where he cut his arm off stuck between a cliff, while Dave is the stealthy thief in Now You See Me.

The Franco Brothers made The Disaster Artist that is about a mysterious director making a movie, The Room, which is basically to say it is a biographical movie.

The Disaster Artist revolves around the straightforward, yet fearless Tommy Wiseau trying to pursue a career in the show biz, and the very good friend of Greg Sestero, played by Dave.

Greg comes off as the timid guy who dreams big, but lacks conviction and while the both of them trying to make a living off acting in Hollywood, fortunes did not favour the brave. And so, with the bottomless bank account Tommy has, Tommy wants to make a movie called The Room with the help of Greg.

Essentially, The Disaster Movie wants to showcase the boldness of Tommy Wiseau and the sincerity of Greg Sestero, both of them from a small town take on the biggest attempt in making a film that no one believed in them.

The friendship between Tommy and Greg takes center stage in The Disaster Artist, as the ship of friends could not get any more real than these two. There was a point where Greg were put in a position to choose between Tommy or his girlfriend that landed him a role, Greg chose Tommy to continue their movie.

Whatever big, however ambitious your dreams are, in the end of the day, it’s the people around you when you are in the process of building your dream that matters. Put the movie into perspective, should Greg chose his girlfriend, things might have been different. How different?

I don’t know, but The Room had been called “The Best Worst Movie Ever Made”, to which it had a cult to it. It then moved on to where there is a book about the making of The Room, winning a Best Non-Fiction Award. The book had then been adapted into this movie, which won the Golden Globes and nominated for Academy Award.

The Disaster Artist was fun to watch, and the real Tommy Wiseau said the book was only 40% real, but the movie was 99.9% similar. I would 100% recommend you to watch this, because it is one of the movie of year 2017!

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