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Movies For Young Adults That Are Frustrated About Life.

10, Jan 2018


I think it's very normal for you to argue with your parents at this age. They must have something about it that they wouldn't like about, but at the same time, you want to do it so badly.

You're at the age of a very unstable, clueless stage of life and parents naturally want the best for you, maybe because they think you do NOT know what you want or where you are headed to. That simple.

Or maybe because they are your parents and they might feel they have every right to control their offspring the way they want, the shape they need you to be. They have their own reasons, but so do you!

Understand that not everything you do might have their approval. And most of the time you get dismissed or disregarded, be it your reason to go out at night or to not go out for a visit to your aunty and uncle.

And for all this reason, you being rebellious is a very natural counter process. I'm not encouraging you to fight back or whatever reason that maybe, but I think at this very unstable, clueless stage is where you want to find yourself, seek for what you want and what you don't want to be. It's a part of growing up, you're not exactly a kid anymore, but at the same time, not really mature enough to take on the world.

Movies illustrate rebellious kid quite well, and if you take it the wrong way, you will feel I am endorsing more arguments with your parents. Here's some trailer for you, just in case you're feeling the urge to do what you want.

This is the perfect movie to watch. Just don't go do things that are completely illogical and senseless. Do what you want, people. Let your parents control you, but pursue what you want. 

Now now, it's a movie. Don't go rob a bank or do anything that will put your future in hot water.

Like I said, you're trying to find yourself. So sometimes, you have to be yourself in order to do so. And don't be quick to jump the gun that your parents don't understand you. Of course they don't, because you're closing yourself away from them.

Last but not least, my personal favourite. You don't really have to watch it because it's personal. Nothing collective here.

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