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A New Adventure Dawns This 2018 

11, Jan 2018


Good news for fans of the popular JRPG Monster Hunter series. Their new title ‘Monster Hunter: World’ is set to launch on January 26 on the PS4 and Xbox One console system. This is also the first title of the series to be receiving a PC release, which expected to be out later in the year.

The Monster Hunter series is known for its long gameplay, intricate crafting system, and boss-battle gameplay style. The basic premise of the games is that you, the player, will play as a hunter, taking on quests to hunt monsters in a variety of habitats.  

The hunter is essentially tasks to take down various monsters and receive materials that you can use to craft stronger weapons and armor enabling the player to then hunt even more dangerous monsters. Additional, the player’s states and abilities are entirely dependent on the amour and weaponry, which will gradually unlock as the player progresses through the game and gained more crafting materials.

Traditional the game focuses more on battle and crafting system over an over-arching storyline, which a break away from the traditional JRPG style. It has also been said that, historically, the Monster Hunter franchise has a fairly steep learning curve with little to no guidance for new players. This has often a turn-off for western game player who are more accustomed to more detail in-game tutorials and guides in the beginning. Despite these challenges the game’s developer, Capcom, seems confident enough to attempt to break their new title into the mainstream market.

Capcom has also announced that those who preorder Monster Hunter: World digitally or at select retailers will receive "special pre-order bonuses and in-game items, including the Origin Set Armor and the Fair Wind Charm talisman."

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