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Samsung Has Filed Patents That Could Change The Designs Of Phones Forever

11, Jan 2018


According to LetsGoDigital, Samsung has filed patents for three potential phone designs. All three Samsung Galaxy smartphones will have different types of front and back screen displays.

1. The display screen wraps the right side of the phone

The screen wraps around the side of the phone, forming a continuous display from the front to the back of the phone. This will solve the problem of squeezing and crowding together to look at a small phone screen.

Just like switching from portrait to landscape mode, users can switch viewing positions depending on how the phone is held.

2. Full display screen on the front and a bezel at the back

The second design is similar to the first. However, instead of a full-sized screen at the back of the phone, there is a bezel or window showing similar content as shown in the front display.

A sensor will influence how the display is shown on the phone depending on the way the device is held. Users can also receive or reject calls, access the photo gallery and check emails through the bezel or window conveniently.

3. The display screen curves continuously from the bottom of the phone

Reports hypothesized that the functions for this phone will be similar to the first two, just with a different phone design. LetsGoDigital mentioned Microsoft filed a patent for a similar design in 2014 but has yet to release the device to the market.

Samsung has not confirmed production of any of the designs but it demonstrates the company’s future efforts to upgrade and improve smartphone designs in the current market. Other potential designs include a phone that can open and close like a book but there is not much information about it yet.

What do you think of continuous displays on phones?

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