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Apple Is At It Again With Their iPhone Battery!

11, Jan 2018


Apple’s battery gate hasn’t settle well so far. After their admission of slowing down your iPhones in order to save the battery, it looks like they’re not doing very well with it.

This comes as an Apple store in Switzerland was forced to be evacuated because of an iPhone battery.

It was reported that the battery suddenly had a rise in temperature and was casted in flames soon after when one of the employee was replacing it.

The replacing battery was said to be from an iPhone 6 Plus and more than 50 people were forced to exit the store.

Do you think it’s time Apple do something with their phone batteries? Their main competitors did when they recalled the Galaxy Note 7.

Acknowledging to have deliberately slowed down old phones is a good start from Apple. I’m going to take things out of context.

The iPhone 6 Plus is one of the phone on Apple’s list of prolonging battery life. But could it be that their fault of putting in things that the consumers aren’t aware of and that led to this battery heating up.

This is a one in a million case because it’s not as widespread as the case of Samsung, but what are the odds that the next time another battery blows up in a pocket?

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that phones get heated when it’s in a pocket, especially with tight pants. The fact that it’s only a fabric that separates the phone and our skin surface, we generate heat and that heat is transferred onto the phone.

Don’t rule it out so quick! I’ve encountered such phenomenon countless of times and after this fire burning case, I am worried about me being another one in a million.

Whether Apple will compensate the customer for the phone or release a statement to have free battery replacement for everyone that owns an iPhone older than iPhone 7, leave your phones outside of your pocket!!

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