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Have You Ever Think Of Someday There Will Be Robots Running Around To Serve You A Meal? This Is A Dream Come True...

11, Jan 2018


How would you feel if one day there are robots standing in front of you? As what we saw from the movies, there are hi-technology gadgets or maybe robots running around helping the master to do housework. 

We are really surprised that there is one local cafe company in Malaysia is primarily using robots to serve the food to the customer. It is a real thing!

Nam Heong Kopitiam at Ipoh Soho is 'employed' eight robots to serve their customers. The main function of the robots is to bring food to the respective tables via the designated track. 

All you need to do is pick up your food from the robot. Once the food has been collected, customers need to touch the sensor on the robot in order for it to return to its station.

Besides that, the robots are named after famous celebrities which include Hannah Quinlivan, Michelle Reis, Fan Bingbing, Angelababy and more!

Now you get the chance to serve by 'celebrity robots', will you visit this cafe when you go Ipoh?

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