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3 Must-Try Homemade Flavored Popcorn

11, Jan 2018


Popcorn has long associated as the accompanying snack to watching movies, typical served with butter or caramel. But did you know that the popular snack is so versatile that it can be enjoyed in many other forms? Here are some quick suggestions on some must-try homemade flavors and a quick guide on how to make em, to enhance your snacking experience.   

Chocolate Popcorn

As the world’s most popular flavor, this was a must from the start. The sweet smoothness of melted chocolate blends in well with the crunchy fluff. And it’s easy enough to make. Simple melt baking or cooking chocolate, chocolate button work great for this, and pour them over some freshly popped popcorn and mix them well. Before it dries fully, an addition of small marshmallows can be added to sweetened the deal.    

Peanut Butter and Jelly Popcorn

For those who enjoy a spin on the traditional PB&J combo, you haven’t lived till you tried this. Melt some sugar in honey and let in caramelize, then mix some peanut butter in equal amounts. When the mixture sets pour it over half the batch of popcorn and mix it well. Stir in the jam into the other half batch and mix that well. Then simply combine the two batches together to get PB&J popcorn.

BBQ Popcorn

Yup, popcorn is so versatile that it even goes well with savory flavors. It's true that BBQ flavor seems like an odd mix, but no true foodie would shy away from the challenge. Here’s how to make it; melt 8 parts of butter with 1 part each of cumin, paprika, granulated garlic, chili powder and barbecue sauce, and a pinch of cayenne. Pour the mix on a batch of popcorn and toss in some crushed barbecue potato chips and mix together well. Lastly, season with salt to finish.

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