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Do You Know That These Are The Top Country Destinations For Last Minute Travel!

12, Jan 2018


According to Expedia, these are the top country destinations for last minute travel! The percentage of travel bookings made less than two weeks in advance to the following destinations are:

62% Singapore

Singapore is just 1hr away from Malaysia if you are traveling with flight. With the public transport MRT in most of the travel attractions, you can actually use public transport to travel around.

41% Thailand

Thailand has long famous for its affordable goods and foods. We can't leave Thailand without Tom Yum soup, what about you?

38% China

There are a lot of great destinations in China, from scenery country-side to busy cityscapes, it has got all!

29% Indonesia

One of the most countries we like the most is definitely Indonesia as it has so much to offer! Ubud, Bali is really suitable for people who prefer greenery. 

Which country would you like to go? 

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