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Top 5 Thrilling Activities To Try At Least Once In Your Life

12, Jan 2018


Malaysia has lots of activities that makes your pulse race. Check out which activities here gets your heart pumping and grab your car keys.

1. Bungee Jumping

bungee jumping

If you want to fall in style, head over to Extreme Park Sunway Lagoon. The jump isn’t that high (at only 22 metres or 8-storeys) but it’ll be a good start for beginners to get a taste.

It’s priced at RM 138 inclusive of 6% GST. For MyKad holders, they only need to pay RM 80.

2. G-Force X

g-force x

Also situated at Extreme Park Sunway Lagoon, G-Force X is a ball getting slingshot in the air! It’s a double seater so grab a friend or you’ll be screaming with a stranger.

This is slightly cheaper than bungee jumping at only RM 64. MyKAD holders pay RM 32.

3. Skydiving


If you want to fly without wings, look no further than Segamat, Johor and Taiping, Perak. For those who are afraid, they will start beginners on static-line jumps before progressing into freefall.

In static-line jumps, the parachute opens immediately within 3 seconds the minute you jump off the aircraft. While up there, you’ll experience the calming silence (after you stop screaming), cool breezes and gain a different view of a Malaysian town.

Arrange a visit with the Kuala Lumpur Skydiving Association before making your trip.

There is also tandem skydiving in Langkawi, where you are connected to a harness attached to an instructor.

4. Rock Climbing

rock climbing

Climbing indoors is exciting but climbing on actual limestone rocks take it up a notch! Start climbing at Batu Caves or Bukit Takun in Templer Park & Golf Course.

Rock climbing may be tough when you’re a newbie but when you manage to get that first lift, it feels great!

5. White-water Rafting

If you want a cooler activity, check out white-water rafting. You’re sure to be drenched!

There are a number of rivers perfect for white-water rafting in Malaysia such as the Selangor River, Ulu Slim River and Gopeng River. From what’s written online, the course gradually increases in difficulty as you navigate down the river. More heart pumping fun!

Try these three companies to start your adventure:

Do something different and thrilling this weekend and let us know about it!

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