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Indian Restaurants You Have Probably Never Heard Of In KL

12, Jan 2018


I don’t know about you but I find Indian food to be heavily underrated here in KL. Indian food as in “not only banana leaf”, but Punjabi and South Indian cuisine. Thosai, chapati, rasem, varuval, aloo phrata, thairu vadai.

Banana leaf is the only hyped up Indian food that the rest of the cuisine is overshadowed by Devi’s and their mango chuntney. The rest of the Indian restaurant deserve the same kind, if not more, love from you.

I will list a few of the Indian restaurants here, widespread across Klang Valley, just so you can make it to either one of it, if you’re given the chance.

Note: None of them are paid sponsored and are solely based on personal preferences.

Chennai Express, Sentul

Located in between Sentul and Jalan Ipoh, and surrounded by MRT construction blockade. This restaurant needs a support from the rest of Indian food lovers. It settles within the Viva Soho.

It is almost equivalent to Indian fine dining, but they offer al-fresco seating as well.  Serving you with tender goodness mutton briyani, masala thosai with unbelievably good chutney, and a cup of heartwarming hot badam milk.

It’s worth to say the obscurity of the restaurants makes the food even better, because it’s not packed with people, and the food comes within 10 minutes of ordering.

Vishal Food & Catering, Brickfields

Located right opposite of an Indian temple, Vishal has a direct rival that shares the same name and the same food as them.

Any food you order will not disappoint you, I promise. That’s how good they are. Mutton varuval, chicken perattal, their famous banana flower that I thought it was shark fin.

However, one thing you should take note is the limited parking space. It’s just one row of public parking, so don’t go during peak hours.

Singh Chapati House, KL Sentral

This isn’t exactly Indian food per se, but it’s Punjabi and Punjab is part of India. Forgive my ignorance at times.

As the name suggests, “Chapati House”. Your visit should never exclude a piece or two of chapatti on your plate. The side dishes, particularly the stir fried cauliflower, their mashed up omelette. That makes your lunch way better than the normal banana leaf rice or nasi campur.

If you don’t fancy chapatti, there’s one more I suggest you to order is the mutton fried rice. Let me tell you, it’s the biggest plate of fried rice I have seen.

It takes 2 person to devour that mountain of a fried rice, filled with wok-hei and I guarantee you will be tempted to order again the next time.

Singh Chapati House is located a few row next to PosLaju.

Restoran B.B.S Selayang

This is the odd one out among its location. Selayang is a place that is majority populated by Chinese. You would expect an Indian shop, but did not expect the Indian shop to be amazing.

Never get turned off by the looks of a restaurant. Their economy rice or nasi campur is the best nasi campur I have ever had in Klang Valley, to the extent that I went there for lunch thrice a week and still never got bored of it.

Their meat selections are spicy and cooked until tender. It’s a sad situation when Nirwana has more crowd than them. Go there and get your hands dirty!

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