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7 Ways To Jazz Up Your Style With Silk Scarves

13, Jan 2018


A silk scarf should not be underestimated. It’s a versatile and timeless accessory all girls should have because you’ll never know when you’ll need it. Check out ways to style your beloved silk scarves below. If you don’t own a silk scarf, a chic bandana works just as well.

1. Use it as a belt

silk belt

It can be paired with skirts or high-waisted pants. It is a break from the usual belts and gives a more sophisticated look.

If the usual bows aren't your cup of tea, try this.

2. Use it as a headband

silk headband

Taking inspiration from Rosie the Riveter, a scarf as a headband helps you look trendy and polished even if you’re sweating from the hot weather.

3. Wrap around the ponytail

silk hair tie

For a relaxed and chill look, opt for a kinder hair tie fashioned from a silk scarf.

4. Wear it as a turban

silk turban

For a more modest but fashionable look, wear bigger scarfs as a turban. It also helps to cover bad hair days. Yuna here takes the lead.

5. Style it like a necklace

silk neckerchief

Adding a mini scarf to your outfit gives off a polished look. The scarves can also be styled in various ways so don’t worry if you’re out of ideas! Maybe you’ll create a new knot style.

For starters, check out a tutorial done for bandanas but can also be adapted for silk scarves.

6. As a bracelet

silk bracelet

You can tie it around your wrists on its own or add some personality by threading it through with jewellery such as a ring or a bead.

7. As a bag accessory

silk bag accessory

An easy way to carry your silk scarf everywhere is to make it into a bag accessory. Tie a bow around the handle or strap of your bag and it looks like a gift to yourself.

Treat yo’self!

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